Bitcoin Circuit Experiences – Check Secret Tip and is it Fraud?

Automatischer Bitcoin-Handel – hohe Renditen sind möglich

In view of low interest rates, it is not easy to invest your hard earned money. The interest on supposedly safe investments such as fixed-term or overnight money does not even generate enough income to compensate for inflation. Real estate is far too expensive in the good locations.

This is a real dilemma for savers who want to build up a retirement provision.

Basically, all that remains is to invest in admittedly riskier assets such as stocks or foreign exchange in order to increase the money. Also crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash have experienced enormous increases in value in the last few years and have produced the odd millionaire. The chances of earning a high return with Bitcoin are real and should therefore also be used.

Of course there are risks. Unfortunately, there are also many dubious providers in the market for trading crypto-currencies, who are only out to take money out of investors’ pockets.

It is therefore important not to register with the first best online broker, but to find out in advance whether the provider is reputable and, above all, whether he is licensed. In general, investors should first deal with the matter before they invest their money.

Bitcoin Circuit offers investors the opportunity to earn money in a serious way. We took a closer look at Bitcoin Circuit and put it to the test. Here you can find the full report.

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The facts about Bitcoin Circuit at a glance:

  • Free demo account
  • User-friendly and easy to use trading platform
  • High yield opportunities
  • Low spreads
  • Fast payouts without fees
  • Easily accessible customer service
Lassen sie die Software von Bitcoin Circuit für sich arbeiten!

Register with Bitcoin Circuit and get started – that’s it:

Registration with Bitcoin Circuit is surprisingly fast and unbureaucratic. All investors need to do is enter some personal data, their e-mail address and telephone number, set up a user name and a personal password and accept the terms and conditions and risk information.

Afterwards, the users of the platform have the choice whether they would rather use a free demo account for practice or whether they would rather start trading for real money right away. In order to use all the functions and features of the trading platform, a deposit of at least 250 euros is required.

Step 1: Enter personal data, e-mail address and telephone number and set user name and password

Step 2: Deposit of at least 250 euros as seed capital. The money will be credited to the account immediately.

Step 3: Start acting.

Tip: Take your time to watch the instruction video on the website!

Despite risks: High profits are possible!

Fact is: Trading crypto currencies and foreign exchange is risky, but also offers opportunities to make high profits quickly. It is therefore all the more important to keep a cool head and take advantage of the opportunities. This also includes recognizing the risks and getting them under control. An individual risk and money management is mandatory for every trader.

For example, traders should only trade with the money that they are willing to lose when in doubt. Successful trading starts in the head and also requires a certain concentration. It is also a fact that not every trade wins. In the end, however, more successful trades must be booked. This is a challenge that not everyone can meet.

Volatility as an opportunity

At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin rose to over 15,000 euros. The reason was the entry of large hedge funds and speculators who suddenly got involved in the market and invested large sums in Bitcoin. Whoever recognized the opportunity quickly enough could multiply his invested money in no time at all.

But as it can also be the other way round in life, many market participants then took their profits with them. As a result, the Bitcoin price plummeted again just as quickly. This year, however, the price has risen significantly again and has once again brought investors substantial profits.

It is also not foreseeable that the Bitcoin price could collapse dramatically in the near future. On the contrary: Currently there is a good chance to enter the market and earn some money. The signals are set to buy. With Bitcoin Circuit the chances of earning high returns with crypto currencies can even be optimized. The best thing: It actually doesn’t matter whether the Bitcoin price rises or falls.

Good money can also be earned with corresponding trades on falling prices and hedges. The volatility resulting from price fluctuations in the market is exactly the starting point of Bitcoin Circuit. The trading robot used by Bitcoin Circuit observes the market around the clock and immediately delivers the corresponding buy signals in the event of a trend reversal. The goal is to be faster than the market and to act accordingly. Those who hesitate, on the other hand, usually lose money. This cannot happen with Bitcoin Circuit.

Use autopilot and seize opportunities in time

In Bitcoin Circuit’s trading platform, investors can individually adjust the risk they want to take according to their preferences. In general, as with all other financial investments, a higher risk also offers higher chances of winning. To avoid a total loss, however, traders should always trade with a hedge. The best strategy is to hedge each individual trade with a so-called stop loss as an order supplement.

The losses from a trade that is not going so well at times can be limited in this way.

Bitcoin Circuit also offers traders automatic trading with appropriate hedging. Based on an algorithm programmed by Bitcoin Circuit, trading positions are automatically opened and closed. The advantage: The trading robot acts much faster than a trader himself could. This ensures great advantages for investors.

A trading robot that automatically generates investment decisions or provides the important buy and sell signals is not only used by Bitcoin Circuit. The investment departments of all major banks and hedge funds now work with trading bots and sometimes achieve fabulous profits.

Only those who are fast can beat the market. Those who trot along in the herd of normal investors will usually not achieve optimal results. Bitcoin Circuit’s proven algorithm helps investors stay ahead and optimize the long-term chances of success in trading Bitcoin.

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Have realistic expectations and set goals

Get rich quick? It’s possible, but it’s the exception. Anyone investing money with Bitcoin Circuit should not be guided by exaggerated expectations. Even the one or other statement by customers about how they became millionaires in a short time should be viewed rather critically. Many a statement is also pure marketing, which should serve to generate new customers. This is not forbidden.

Experience in the use of Bitcoin Circuit

The fact is that no money is given away at Bitcoin Circuit either. Investors should consider how much money they are willing to spend before they register with the provider. It is also important to set goals. However, these goals should be realistic and also match the amount of money you have deposited. You should also take into account that not every trade wins. On some days it just doesn’t work out. The market reacts far too often irrationally, so that even the algorithms used by Bitcoin Circuit can sometimes be wrong. For example, the 2% rule is recommendable.

This means that out of the total balance deposited in the account with Bitcoin Circuit, only 2% is ever used in a single trade. The risk of a total loss is therefore almost impossible. If you invest 2% of your capital you would have to make 50 trades in a row to bring your account to zero. According to the rules of probability this is almost impossible.

If the trades are additionally hedged with a stop loss or automatically via the autopilot, losses can be minimized once again. The advantage of automatic trading with Bitcoin Circuit is that the trading algorithm used does not know emotions. Emotions such as fear or greed, which have already cost one or the other investor a lot of money, are thus left out.

Is Bitcoin Circuit reputable?

Anyone who deposits money with an online broker naturally wants to be sure that he is not sitting on a dubious trader. The customer service should be easily accessible and professional. Deposits and withdrawals must also be smooth.

Based on the reports from customers and the results of our Bitcoin Circuit Test, we can draw a positive conclusion. The trading platform offered by RI Markets provides a sufficient trading offer with many different currency pairs.

In addition, there are various trading tools and indicators with which a professional chart analysis can be carried out. Order additions are possible. The spreads that the provider allows himself for his service are moderate compared to the competition. Payouts are smooth and fast. Before the first payout, however, investors must carry out the mandatory verification by means of a personal document.

Payments can be made by credit card or bank transfer. However, it would be desirable if a few more payment options such as PayPal were also made available. The support staff was quickly available in our test and appeared trained and professional. Our questions were answered satisfactorily by the service.

The conclusion on Bitcoin Circuit

Trading Bitcoin and other crypto currencies offers both opportunities and risks. This makes it all the more important to have a reliable partner at your side who can safely navigate investors through price fluctuations and turbulence. Our test has shown that Bitcoin Circuit is a solid online broker.

The Bitcoin Circuit experience shows that high profits are indeed possible when trading Bitcoin. The trading algorithm offered by Bitcoin Circuit can optimize the chances of winning on the one hand and limit the risks on the other. However, there are no guaranteed profits even with Bitcoin Circuit.

The trading platform at Bitcoin Circuit is clearly structured and easy to use. With the pre-installed tools, investors can analyze the charts themselves and form their own opinion of the market.

The registration with Bitcoin Circuit went quickly and smoothly. Deposits and withdrawals can be made by credit card or bank transfer, whereby, this is to be emphasized positively, no fees are charged. Deposited credit is immediately available for trading. Withdrawal requests are processed promptly and reliably. PayPal and other e-wallets are not yet available.

Overall, Bitcoin Circuit can be recommended. There can be no question of Bitcoin Circuit fraud. However, for long-term successful trading with Bitcoins and other crypto currencies it is essential that investors set themselves realistic goals and practice strict risk and money management.

Risk note

Bitcoin trading offers investors great profit opportunities. But there are also risks. Those who start trading should only bet money that they are prepared to lose in case of doubt. Not every trade is successful. Therefore it is important that investors set themselves realistic goals and follow the basic rules of risk and money management. This includes that every trade is secured by a stop loss order. Furthermore, never put all your capital into a single trade.

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Risk Disclaimer: Trading involves the risk of losing the invested capital. Invest only what you are willing to lose. between 67% and 85% of retail clients lose money by trading CFDs.

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